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Tasmanian Warbird Adventures offer thrilling aerobatic flights in a genuine World War II fighter trainer

– the ultimate gift & bucket-list experience


TWA was founded to share the nostalgia of World War II aircraft and thrills of aerobatics using a legendary aircraft: the Harvard fighter trainer


All TWA adventure flights are flown by ex-Royal Air Force fighter pilot Jethro Nelson, who served for almost 20 years flying a variety of aircraft, including the Tornado and Hawk jets.

  • Thanks Jethro and Tasmanian Warbird Adventures for the amazing flight in your Harvard! What a fantastic way to experience Hobart, and all to the glorious sound of that huge radial engine! A view from an aircraft like no other and truly unique experience!

    Ben Hobart, April 2015
  • The feeling of flying upside down is the best experience I've ever had.  I couldn't wipe the smile for days. I'm still bragging to my mates about it. I didn't want the flight to end, so smooth and exhilarating. To top it off we flew back over the bay with the canopy open. Thanks Jethro for an amazing experience. Tasmanian Warbird Adventures is a must!

    Dave Hobart, April 2015
  • LOVED the plane! Was amazing to be sitting in a plane from 1943 and to think that this is how things were then. Being able to pull the canopy back and the feeling of being “free” and “in the open air” – simply amazing! The rolls and loops – again “simply amazing”. You made it seem easy and in control which meant that I could just enjoy it! The sensation of being upside-down over the River Derwent was just one of those quintessential life-experiences that will stay with me for a long time!

    Sue Hobart, May 2015
  • What an awesome ride on such a perfect day in such a fantastic plane? Still on an adrenaline high from the aerobatics. I have now seen Hobart coming into view from every possible angle and the Gs from a loop have to be experienced. We had the perfect platform to see Hobart, Mt Wellington, the South West off in the distance and the Derwent. The canopy was open for the more crusier parts of the trip and a real blast in more ways than one. Jethro (the pilot) made me clearly aware of what to expect and was keen to accommodate what I was trying to get from the flight. So exhilarating and yet so secure. I will be saving hard for my next trip.

    Stewart Kingston, TAS. June 2015
  • I want to thank you for making my flight yesterday so special. It certainly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The aerobatic manoeuvres were thrilling and, despite my initial apprehension, I loved them! I really appreciated your kind concern for my well-being throughout the flight. When recounting this wonderful experience to others I shall certainly recommend that they try it for themselves.

  • My wife, family and friends purchased a flight for my 40th birthday.  I had my flight out of Launceston Airport.....all I can say is wow!!! I was a little nervous at first, but after a tour of the aircraft and a slow start in the air, Jethro made me feel comfortable enough to try some aerobatics. The result is that I can't wipe the smile off my face! Thanks again to Jethro for making me feel so comfortable and for tailoring the flight to my needs, I would highly recommend this experience.

    Daniel Launceston, November 2016
  • Ever wondered what it would be like to fly upside down? I did, it has been on my bucket list to try aerobatics for years. I experienced it in a beautiful old plane piloted by Jethro. With Hobart pivoting past the windows, the horizon twirling, and that huge radial engine growling honestly it will be hard to top this Saturday afternoon. Jethro is so good, he's talks you through the whole experience, filling you with confidence as he ticks items off your bucket list one exhilarating loop at a time.

    Adam Hobart, November 2016
  • Thank you so much for James' flight he really did love it! He has been telling everyone about it. It was an awesome experience that he isn't going to forget anytime soon. The video is awesome. I love being able to sit down with him while he relived the experience. Thank you again so much!

    Sarah TAS
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